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Federal contacts are predicated upon a maze of regulations and policies that are often misunderstood and misapplied by both parties. Teton's extensive knowledge of the Federal procurement system allows us to cut through the maze to identify the real issue and evaluate its merits. We then apply client and Teton knowledge and business sense to jointly formulate a strategic approach to minimize risk and maximize profit. Not all claims have merit, but the downside risk can be managed and mitigated with advance recognition and planning.

Issues addressed by Teton encompass the full specter of Federal contract problems and contract types to include:


Teton supports clients in addressing the unique aspects and limitations of change orders on Federal contracts. Our typical objective is to achieve the maximum supportable forward-priced settlement that considers all impact and delay costs. This retains a contractor profit incentive while maintaining cash flow, eliminating after-the-fact cost support problems and permitting proper schedule management. Services are tailored to mesh with available client resources and experience and include:


Claims are typically money-losing opportunities that exist in every contract. They must be managed and resolved at the earliest opportunity to minimize damage. Teton assists clients in identifying and implementing the unique Federal contract provisions, which foster timely resolution. Services include:

It is rarely necessary to litigate in the Federal sector if the claim is properly prepared, documented and supported in a language understood by the Government. Multiple levels of low-keyed, quasi-adversarial appeal opportunities exist and at one of these levels the merit of the case is typically understood and settled. The last backstop to trial in the Federal sector is Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) which typically involves a Judge from the Board of Contract Appeals mediating a bilateral resolution. It is a cost- and time-effective alternative to trial that has been embraced by the Government and contractors. ADR sets the stage that allows business people to make business decisions. Teton typically takes the lead role for clients in ADR and has yet to experience a case that has not settled with subsequent prompt payment.